Light Townsend, hemp crop warranty subject matter expert and chief legal officer

September 8, 2021 – Jasper, Florida – Green Point Research (Green Point),  is featured in a Cannabis LAB (Legal, Accounting, Business) interview this month highlighting an opportunity with a new hemp crop warranty program. Todd Rosales with Elevate Your Grind, spoke with Green Point’s CLO, Light Townsend in a 47-minute video podcast interview. Todd began by referencing his recent interview with Green Point’s CEO, David Hasenauer, and noting the importance of listening to thought leaders to inform opinion. The conversation quickly moved on to key insurance and warranty-related topics on the minds of many Floridians interested in the legal cannabis industry. In 2019 when many farmers grew hemp, they learned a lot about the market.  Could a hemp crop warranty program have helped them achieve more success in 2020?

In the segment, Townsend highlighted unique opportunities on the business side of legal cannabis with a new crop warranty program. This new offering is especially valuable for hemp farmers wanting to de-risk their genetics purchases so they can grow more profitably and with less worry.

“The regulations and laws that we’re running up against as a hemp company can be translated into best practices for businesses in the agriculture space. One of our biggest stakeholders is the government, and we need for them to feel comfortable with our processes from seed to growth to consumer product production. We think about current industrial best practices for other agricultural commodities to ensure we’re compliant within Green Point. Regulatory frameworks exist and cannabis can fit into those with the proper guidelines and support.

Many farmers are already growing hemp or exploring the possibility of adding it as a transitional crop It’s all about finding the right systems and partners to grow. As a 7th generation Floridian, I’m proud of the State and truly believe it is poised to be the production standard for total acres of hemp produced per year. The market potential is there. A hemp crop warranty is one tool that can help provide assurance of a successful harvest year. All ships can rise with this tide.”

Many farmers in 2021 may be considering if they need a hemp crop warranty program.

Watch the full interview here. Elevate Your Grind is operated by CannabisLAB in Florida.