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Cultivating a Better Future: Colorado Farming

Powered by the Green Point MethodTM

The Green Point MethodTM extends beyond outdoor farming and into greenhouses. Formed in early 2019, Green Point produces high CBD, state and federally compliant seeds and seed starts for purchase or use in Green Point’s partner farms. Colorado was the original home for the company’s seed production operations. In an effort to maximize transportation efficiency, those operations are now based in Florida.  Supply chain partner relationships established in Colorado remain important to company today.

Utilizing a strict cloning and breeding program, Green Point is able to consistently produce genetically-similar, climate-specific progenies of its current and new cultivars to ensure successful regional farming regardless as to where your farm is located. As is the case with all of Green Point’s farming, we promise that no agro-chemicals will ever touch our plant material, ensuring we always leave the Earth better than before we planted.


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