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Cultivating a Better Future: Florida Farming

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Agriculture is the backbone of Florida, which as a state ranks at or near the top in most agricultural categories in the United States, impacts millions of lives daily and produces billions of dollars for the Sunshine State’s economy annually.  With the passage of Florida Senate Bill 1020 (2019), Florida’s farmers now have another crop to successfully grow – hemp.

Green Point Research is beyond excited to bring the Green Point MethodTM has its application to commercial hemp production to the state of Florida. The Green Point MethodTMhas been developed over years by trial and error.  Proprietary genetics, coupled with our high-density, perpetual harvest cropping system, allow us to yield super quality and quantity of hemp biomass for processing and extraction.

Further, Green Point immediately dries and properly stores its harvested biomass to prevent plant degradation, mold and mildew.  Setting a new standard for responsible agriculture, Green Point promises that no agro-chemicals will ever touch our plant material, ensuring we always leave the Earth better than before we planted.

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