Green Point Research Post Harvest Products Are Available for Purchase!

As a vertically integrated hemp farming and extraction company, managing each step of the process from seed to extracted product, we are pleased to now offer high quality, low cost hemp-derived CBD extracts for purchase. We have winterized crude at $175 per liter, distillate at $500 per liter, T-free distillate at $1,200 a liter and isolate at $900 per kilo. We are looking to build relationships and supply chain partners and are able to serve your needs as a consistent supplier of post-harvest CBD extracts. Information about our products is attached. Please contact us at Info at or call 954-500-HEMP (4367) with any questions you may have or to get more information about bulk rates and long term discounts.

A sample certificate of analysis (COA) is provided here.  Please note the information in the certificate of analysis is an example only and your certificate of analysis would be based on the specific product you are purchasing.

Download our flyer to see pricing info here.