As a Farmers First company, Green Point can provide farmers with the services needed to be successful from seed to sale.

  • •Field Prep Service: GPR has all requisite tractors, equipment and experience to get your field ready for plants.
  • • Biomass Drying: GPR’s proprietary biomass drying technology throughput is upwards of 8,000 input pounds per hour.
  • • Storage GPR: Can store your hemp at its climate controlled facility.
  • • Multi Service Prep for Smokable Flower: GPR can hang dry, trim, and cure your smokable flower. Hand and machine trim available. Contact for details.
  • • Processing (Extraction & Refining): GPR leverages best-in-class extraction and refining technology to produce the highest quality bulk cannabinoids.
  • • Advisory: Available upon request and pricing depends on advisory needs. With nationally recognized hemp cultivation experts on staff, customized consulting can help set you up for success with your next harvest. Limited availability with prioritization for bulk purchasers.