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Social Responsibility

Carbon Negative. That’s Our Aim.

Our company, and all life on Earth, relies on sustainable natural resources, thriving ecological systems and socially responsible communities. To this end, Green Point Research has developed the Green Point MethodTM, a proprietary cultivating and processing system which yields superior quality hemp biomass in a socially responsible manner.

The Green Point MethodTM is built on our three pillars of sustainability below, enabling us to deliver the best possible financial and socially equitable returns. By focusing on these three pillars, our goal is for all of Green Point’s operations to function in a manner that is carbon negative in its footprint, by aiming for the following:

  • Benign Emissions: Use no toxic substances or agro-chemicals
  • Renewable Energy: Operate using 100% renewable energy
  • Closing the Loop: Ensure production processes consist of entirely recycled or bio-based inputs.

Our Policies

Social Responsibility Policy
Sustainability & Supply Chain Integrity Policy
Environmental Policy
Climate Change Policy


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